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Website Review – Poisson Rouge

October 11, 2010 Pre-school
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Poisson Rouge or Red Fish Soup is my absolute favourite children’s game site.  It has more than a hundred games, but they are grouped into categories that make them easy to find and check out.  It covers just about everything – mouse skills, literacy, maths, languages, music, colours, and art all using everyday themes like […]

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Kid Questions: Where do starfish come from?

December 3, 2009 Kid Questions

I’ve had a great time checking this one out, I’m always a biologist at heart.  And starfish are really fascinating! General: Starfish are echinoderms (e-KY-no-derms) like sea urchins.  There are a lot of different types, like there are different types of mammals.  They all have a central body with their mouth and gut in it, […]

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Tom Lehrer on the Elements

October 22, 2009 Materials

This is just hilarious!

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Website: Earth as Art

October 6, 2009 Earth and Beyond

I’m a sucker for pictures of Earth from space, it’s interesting to see things from such a different perspective and the idea that we have managed to build machines that can hang in the sky and talk to us is fascinating.  Plus they’re gorgeous! NASA has a lovely site called Earth As Art, which I […]

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Website Review: Google Image Search

September 25, 2009 General

This may sound weird, but Google Image Search is a really cool thing you can do on the computer with little ones.  I’ve often spent time with a pre-schooler on the chair next to me and a baby on my lap looking at the pictures.  It’s a bit like a choose your own adventure novel, […]

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Website Review: Growing Kids

August 24, 2009 Earth and Beyond

It’s getting warm and time to get out in the garden again.  I have to admit I have a black thumb – I can kill any plant – but this website looks like so much fun it has me all enthusiastic to try again (or at least give my husband suggestions :D). It’s a very […]

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Website Review: NASA Kids’ Club

August 16, 2009 General science

The NASA site is enormous, I mean really, really big.  It has so many things you could do with kids that to review all of them would produce its own enormous site so I’ll do them bit by bit, starting with the NASA Kids’ Club.  The first thing is to check the top right of […]

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Website Review: AQWA

July 30, 2009 Life and Living

There are a lot of really good websites out there attached to real life attractions, and many of them are very high quality and useful.  I’m just reviewing one here, The Aquarium of WA, but there are guaranteed to be some that are local to you or cater to your child’s interests.  I chose AQWA […]

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Website Review: Some online games

June 20, 2009 Activities

This might be a bit controversial, I’m sure there will be people who dislike the idea of small kids and computer games.  My reasoning is that computers are here to stay.  They are going to be the main way our children communicate – this is how they will get information and how they will work.  […]

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Website Review: CSIRO

June 13, 2009 General science

The Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation is Australia’s national science research facility.  The have partnerships and work in agriculture, mining, environmental and health sciences among others.  The home page is quite clear with different sections easy to find.  Overall the site is easy to navigate, it has small pages with lots of links so you […]

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