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Wordless Wednesday – the lizard

November 7, 2012 Life and Living
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Little girl was very excited to find a lizard and gently patted it with one finger. It was obviously not a well lizard, which added to the mice and chickens in our ongoing lesson about death being a part of life and where food comes from. But while it lived it was fascinating to get so […]

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Quiz – The Plastic Edition

June 12, 2012 Lists
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I know it has its down sides, but plastic isn’t necessarily evil. It is infinitely moldable and comes in all sorts of types, and in the end materials have to come from somewhere – chopping down trees or mining metals aren’t wonderful either. So what do you know about plastics and how bad are they? […]

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Mountain Answers

May 18, 2012 Earth and Beyond
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What do you know about mountains? For a look at the questions first, have a look here. 1.     The world’s tallest mountain is a little more complicated than it sounds. Mt Everest is the official highest peak, at 8,848m above sea level. But don’t forget it gets a significant leg up by being […]

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Natural and Built

May 16, 2012 Activities
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I‘ve always been a bit meh about natural and built landscapes. I mean it’s so obvious – do we seriously need to point this one out? But then a whole series of little things happened at once, as they do, and I realised that maybe it does need to be discussed. Not taught as such, […]

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Greening My Home

April 20, 2012 Babies
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On Tuesday I posted about ways to save energy at home with practical tips. Today I thought I’d look at our home and make some public commitments of things I can realistically change. The house is fairly well designed – it was a pre-airconditioning house for the desert so is up on stilts with all bedrooms […]

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Things to do Right Now to Save Money and Energy in Your Home

April 17, 2012 Babies
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I have an addictive new app from Science Alert, which brings the latest science research in Australasia right to my phone. I’m sure you can guess why I like it. The other day it had this study from Wendy Miller at Queensland University of Technology showing that green homes use 80% less energy. Living in the […]

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Bird Answers

February 3, 2012 General science
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How did you do? I had good fun working out the answers. 1.     Lungs in birds are very different to ours, they are more efficient. In mammals we breathe into large dead end sacks of alveoli, use some oxygen then have to get rid of the low oxygen air taking up the space. […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Responsible Fire Management

February 1, 2012 Earth and Beyond
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We have a bush block in central Australia, so fire management is extremely important. It’s relatively cool and raining at the moment, so it’s time to deal with last year’s growth that is this year’s fire hazard.

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