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Magic Milk

November 9, 2012 Activities

Do you know how detergent works? If you vaguely remember your senior chemistry, you would know that it is a long molecule, one end is hydrophillic, or water loving, the other is hydrophobic, or water hating. What that means is that one end grabs on to the water molecules, one end grabs on to grease […]

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The Witches

September 14, 2012 Activities
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I remember doing these as a kid and for some reason I thought they were very complicated, but they turned out to be really simple. Perhaps it’s just that my artistic standards have slipped, the girls were thrilled to have something that looked like a recognisable face rather than being disappointed it wasn’t a perfect […]

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Baked Icecream Revisited

April 12, 2012 Activities
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A while ago I tried to make Baked Icecream with fairly dismal results, but my lovely readers came to my rescue and concluded the recipe was wrong. So using suggestions from Jamie, Veronica, Lisa, Alicia and Trinity and based on Ann’s never-fail recipe, we tried again. First I turned the oven on to 230C so it […]

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Checking Out Cheese

February 28, 2012 Food
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Cheese is a very early form of food processing to improve storage. Milk is a valuable food because it is an excellent source of protein, energy from both fat and sugars and nutrients like calcium and phosphorus, but it has to be used right away or it spoils. The very first cheeses and yoghurts were […]

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Cooking with Solar

October 27, 2011 Activities
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In the brief weeks between freezing and pouring, I thought we’d try a solar oven. I’ve made them before with mixed success so I wanted to see if I could modify them for little ones, and there isn’t going to be a better place to do it than central Australia in hot weather. In the […]

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