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Shadow puppets

October 5, 2012 Activities
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I‘ve had a soft spot for shadow puppets ever since the big girl was a baby and would get hysterical in the car at night. A little torch shining at her feet or the toys dangling over her and she would stop screaming and happily watch the dancing shadows. I was very disappointed to discover […]

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The Collection

September 28, 2012 Activities
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Our last place was a children’s paradise – an old hobby farm which had been owned by a collector and had two children growing up. It was absolutely covered in stuff. Garden ornaments, knick knacks, marbles, little glass stars (why?), broken wind chimes, bottles, dog toys, old batteries, you name it, it was buried somewhere […]

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Venus Transit – recovering from yesterday.

June 7, 2012 Earth and Beyond
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Yesterday I live tweeted/instagrammed/blogged/Facebooked the transit of Venus. All that running up and down stairs, stopping the telescope and screen from falling over, searching for the sun, swearing at Telstra as my mobile internet goes out again, and trying to take photos while balancing everything in the wind was exhausting. Thank whatever deity for fast shutter […]

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Building Bridges

May 10, 2012 Activities
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It’s one of the classics – give children a pile of objects, such as newspaper, straws or pipecleaners, and tell them that they have to make a bridge across a gap that will carry a certain weight. I’m not suggesting you try that with little kids, but we did have a fun time trying to […]

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Creating Books

November 17, 2011 Activities
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Both the girls love being read to, and big girl is reading. Of course this means little girl needs to as well, she’s at the stage where she can identify pictures and follow a pattern to ‘read’ to us and thinks it’s the best thing ever. She’s also starting to draw recognisably and loves making […]

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