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Wordless Wednesday – Oasis

October 3, 2012 Life and Living
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There, amongst the sere brown grasses, a patch of green. Big girl spotted this strange phenomenon. I suspect those ferns under the large and luxurious bushes hold the answer, and diagnose a broken pipe.

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Wordless Wednesday – Parasitic tree

September 5, 2012 Life and Living

We get lots of mistletoe parasites up here, but I had to look twice at this one. It probably isn’t a true parasite anymore because those root/trunks reach the ground, but it probably started as one when a seed lodged in the fork of the gum tree. There’s now a whole tree (some type of […]

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Glittery Leaves

August 31, 2012 Activities
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I owe this one to the lovely backpacker who babysat my girls in Ngukurr. They came home with the most fabulous multimedia creations involving paint, rocks, containers and glitter glued leaves. What a great way to explore the veins and patterns on leaves and learn about different plants. First collect your leaves, always a fun […]

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The Lazy Parent’s Guide to Plants

May 31, 2012 Activities
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Big girl is really into ticking things off at the moment. I don’t know why, but she likes to match things to a list then tick them off. So the other day when I was shivering behind a windbreak outside and they wanted to run around, I drew pictures of different parts of plants and […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Baby Tomatoes

May 16, 2012 Life and Living
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It has come to my attention that some people think I can grow plants. In reality, I have a black thumb. I can germinate them, but then they always die, or go mouldy, or are blown away in a cyclone (seriously!) or are otherwise stunted and sickly. So here I am very proudly showing off […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Australia

April 11, 2012 Life and Living
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Living Things Scavenger Hunt

March 8, 2012 Activities
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The girls adore taking pictures, but tend to just snap away and we get hundreds of photos of leaves, or the sky, or their fingers and then they are forgotten. At the same time we keep finding fascinating things outside but not having a way to record them. So we remembered to take the camera […]

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Flower Answers

February 24, 2012 Life and Living
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1. It’s very difficult to tell when flowering plants developed, but it was probably before and during the Cretaceous, the last age of the dinosaurs. Like animals, plants were still ‘experimenting’ with the challenges of being on land, where there is no cushioning water to bring you nutrients and carry away your spores. Land is […]

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Eggshell Seedlings

November 10, 2011 Activities
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Some people seem to have the erroneous impression that I’m good with plants. This is probably because of the number of plant projects I start, but trust me they don’t last. The peas and terrarium sprouted but didn’t survive transplanting. One of the peas went mouldy. The seedlings in egg cartons were blown away in […]

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