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Wordless Wednesday – Sun Dial

September 12, 2012 Earth and Beyond

I adore it when things are as beautiful as they are functional. I took this picture with the iPhone that has also replaced my watch. But no matter what cover I put on it, it will never be as beautiful as this sun dial. And no matter how good my phone plan, it will never […]

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Write it Down

May 7, 2012 General science
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I didn’t start on purpose, but this is turning into a little series on how some of the things we use the most have developed and changed. So far I’ve looked at cheese and milk bottle packaging. I enjoy history and archaeology, and I think the way we use materials and the effects of social changes […]

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Wordless Wednesday – A Day

November 30, 2011 Earth and Beyond
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This is something I’ve been trying to do for ages, either life gets in the way or the day is deadly boring. Most photos are half an hour apart, the evening gets closer and the last sunset shots are only a couple of minutes. For a camera set up on a tripod there’s a worrying […]

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Time Answers

November 11, 2011 Energy and Change
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Now if only I had more of it. What do you know about time? 1.     The official unit of time is the second. It was originally defined as 1/86,400 of a mean solar day, before we realised that we don’t actually know what a mean solar day is – it keeps changing. So now […]

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