10 Fun (Science) Things to do with Babies

by Deb on August 11, 2009

1.  Get them dirty.  Babies won’t break that easily, let them get their hands into the mud, the oatmeal, shaving cream, rocks, grass, …

2.  Clean them up.  Put them in a bath with lots of different containers, bubble bath, soaps, squeezy bottles, …

3.  Have a texture rug or lots of different pieces of materials, about the size of a man’s handkerchief.  These can be rolled around on, pulled out of containers, pushed into containers, tug-o-warred, rubbed on the face and tummy, …

4.  Make lots of noise.  All sorts of plastic containers filled with different things. An old stock jar with a marble in it. A drink bottle with rice. A plastic lunchbox with dry pasta. A baby food jar with sand.

5.  Put dangly things where they can reach.   Don’t have the mobile’s just up high, string a line across the room and have them dangling right down where the baby is.  Hang ribbons, straws and windchimes so they are at play height for a lying or sitting baby.

6.  Take them outside.  Outside is so much more interesting than inside, there are birds and trees moving to see, cars and dogs to hear, the wind to feel, plants and dirt to smell, and yes, a few things to taste!

7.  Help them be active.   Hold them with their feet just above the floor and jiggle them side to side for running.  Swing their feet so they kick a ball.  Zoom them up the ladder then lie them on the slide and gently lower them down.

8.  Pick things up for them.  Ok, they may have thrown the teddy out 15 times but it doesn’t always mean they don’t want the teddy.  It might mean they’re checking if gravity still works.  So if it does, celebrate that with them “Yay, Newton was right! Gravity still works!”

9.  Play hide and seek.  Sit together and hide a toy in your shirt, behind your leg, slightly sticking out, put a cloth over your face and let them pull it off, hide together under the covers when Daddy comes home.

10.  Talk to the baby in the mirror.  On their tummy, in your arms, sitting or standing.  Help them realise they are a person like you, with all the same body parts and facial expressions.  Give them someone else to play with!

Bonus Number 11.  Help them learn their own body. Name their body parts, steal their nose, put their hair up in different styles,  clap their hands and feet, help them stand, swing them upside down.  Let them learn where they start and end and what they are capable of and give them words for it all.

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