10 Interesting Things About Your Body

by Deb on October 12, 2009

Aren’t we all fascinated by ourselves?

  1. There are special cells that eat bone and others that make it.  Your skull grows by eating the inner layers and depositing more on the outside.
  2. Hair length is determined by how long the active growing phase of the hair follicle is.  This can be from 2-7 years for scalp hair, and is genetic.
  3. We have a blind spot because the cells in our retina are ‘backwards.’  The sensor parts are at the back of the retina, and the nerve fibres that carry the signal to the brain grow out of the front.  They need a hole in the retina to turn around and head back to the brain.
  4. retina

  5. There are two types of earwax – brown and sticky or grey and crumbly.  Which type you have is genetic.
  6. People with brown or black hair make eumelanin.  People with red hair make phaeomelanin.  People with blonde hair just don’t have much.
  7. You have a dominant eye, not just hand.  Roughly 60% of people are right-eyed.  To check, make a hole between your hands at arm’s length and look through it.  Keep looking at something and move your hands back to your face, see which eye they end up at.
  8. Ova or eggs develop around halfway in the foetus.  There are around 7 million produced, but during the years they are frozen most die.  At puberty several are ‘unfrozen’ every month and continue developing.
  9. The majority of women and some men have two X chromosomes in each cell.  One of these rolls up into a Barr body and the genes from the other are used.  Which one is used is random and can be different in different cells, which can lead to ‘mosaicism’ where different parts of a woman’s body have different characteristics.
  10. mosaicism_small

  11. Your body forms from a tube with three layers – the skin is the outside, the lining of your gut is the inside, everything else forms from the middle layer.
  12. Your two feet together make a dome shape, which is strong and stable to support your weight.
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