Quiz – the Amphibian Edition

by Deb on May 1, 2012


Kermit said it’s not easy being green, but how much do you know about him?

  1. What are amphibians?
  2. Are they poisonous?
  3. Why are amphibians medically interesting?
  4. How big do they get?
  5. And what’s up the top? Photo by LoKiLeCh

Answers here, with video of multi-coloured frogs.

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Chris May 1, 2012 at 6:47 pm

1) animals that have gills in the juvenile form and lungs in the adult form
2) some are, I think – cane toad springs to mind (not poisonous to hold normally but if you irritate him he will excrete some nasty toxins, hence all our native wildlife dying off :/ or poison arrow frogs from South America that natives use to, strangely enough, coat poison from them on their arrows)
3) from memory, some amphibians can change gender if required. also I vaguely remember reading something about newts or some other amphibian being able to regenerate body parts?
4) I believe there is a frog that can be as large as a house cat
5) looks like an axolotl! hurrah for mexican walking fish!

sorry if you didn’t want answers in the comments!


Deb May 1, 2012 at 7:30 pm

Answers in comments are good, you’ve done pretty well. I’ll just expand and be verbose on Friday.
I have a soft spot for axolotls, we had them in highschool and one went missing. It spawned many jokes about Mexican walking fish walking off.


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