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The Lazy Parent’s Guide to Plants

May 31, 2012 Activities
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Big girl is really into ticking things off at the moment. I don’t know why, but she likes to match things to a list then tick them off. So the other day when I was shivering behind a windbreak outside and they wanted to run around, I drew pictures of different parts of plants and […]

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Cold and Flu Season

May 25, 2012 Babies
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What I have right now is not the flu. I’m just miserable with a snotty nose, sore throat and cough. Plus not sleeping. I had the flu once, I remember crawling to the bathroom because I couldn’t walk and shivering at the bottom of a scalding shower. But in Australia at the moment, ’tis the season […]

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Koalas are not failures

May 22, 2012 General science
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Photo courtesy of Fir0002/Flagstaffotos. It’s hard to be a biologist without getting into the history of science, at least a little bit. And with a background in Anthropology as well I might be getting a bit boring when I keep saying that some of the things we do tell us just as much  about us than […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Baby Tomatoes

May 16, 2012 Life and Living
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It has come to my attention that some people think I can grow plants. In reality, I have a black thumb. I can germinate them, but then they always die, or go mouldy, or are blown away in a cyclone (seriously!) or are otherwise stunted and sickly. So here I am very proudly showing off […]

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A Set of Science Songs

May 11, 2012 Earth and Beyond

We had another couple of days without internet 🙁 which is why there was no quiz posted on Tuesday. Even the trusty 3G failed so no mobile devices either. It gave me an excuse for a trawl on YouTube to find some fun and interesting videos to share instead. An easy way to finish the […]

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Amphibian Answers

May 4, 2012 Life and Living
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1.     Amphibians are the only group of animals with legs like us (bones, organs etc – the tetrapods) that are not adapted to have young on dry land. Although this breaks down a little because there are some who have live young, such as stomach-brooding frogs or some caecilians. It’s nice and simple for […]

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Palmar, Power, Precision, and Prints – Hands and fingers for all ages

May 3, 2012 Activities
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Hands are one of the things that have made humans so successful, you could call them fundamental to what we are. But they aren’t unique or specialised. In fact it’s pretty much the opposite – every primate and lots of other little brown animals have hands. Horses’ hooves are specialised. We have been successful by […]

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Quiz – the Amphibian Edition

May 1, 2012 Life and Living
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Kermit said it’s not easy being green, but how much do you know about him? What are amphibians? Are they poisonous? Why are amphibians medically interesting? How big do they get? And what’s up the top? Photo by LoKiLeCh Answers here, with video of multi-coloured frogs.

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Electric Answers

April 27, 2012 Earth and Beyond
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1.     The word ‘electric’ comes from the Greek elektron, amber. Rubbing amber with wool or fur produces static electricity and the amber attracts small pieces of ash or paper. The Greeks thought it was a form of magnetism in non-metals. It wasn’t until 1600 that it was recognised as different. 2.     Lightning is a […]

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Quiz – The Electric Edition

April 24, 2012 Energy and Change
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Electricity isn’t just that thing that makes your computer and lights work. It’s all around and inside us as well. Where did the word ‘electric’ come from? How do lightning bolts work? Why do we need transformers? How does your body use electricity? How do the critters up the top use electricity? Answers here.

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