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Quiz – The Plastic Edition

June 12, 2012 Lists
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I know it has its down sides, but plastic isn’t necessarily evil. It is infinitely moldable and comes in all sorts of types, and in the end materials have to come from somewhere – chopping down trees or mining metals aren’t wonderful either. So what do you know about plastics and how bad are they? […]

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Quiz – The Venus Edition

June 5, 2012 Earth and Beyond
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What else? With the transit tomorrow it has to be Venus. Who realised the morning and evening stars were the same thing? How hot is Venus and why? What are the two unusual things about Venus’ ‘day’? Why is Venus often called Earth’s sister or twin? What’s the picture up the top? Answers here 🙂

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Quiz – The Spanish Edition

May 29, 2012 Lists
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This is truly something different, with no science. But to celebrate that my parents have just walked across the north of Spain (yes, walked) I thought I’d look at it. In English they’ve just walked the Way of St James. What is it in Spanish and why do people do it? When did people settle […]

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Quiz – The Mountain Edition

May 15, 2012 Earth and Beyond
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I live in one of the flattest areas of the flattest continent, so mountains are mainly pretty pictures to me. What is the tallest mountain on earth? What formed the Great Dividing range? How did transhumance allow the Alps to be exploited? How do pyramidal peaks or horns form? What is shown in the satellite […]

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Quiz – the Amphibian Edition

May 1, 2012 Life and Living
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Kermit said it’s not easy being green, but how much do you know about him? What are amphibians? Are they poisonous? Why are amphibians medically interesting? How big do they get? And what’s up the top? Photo by LoKiLeCh Answers here, with video of multi-coloured frogs.

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Quiz – The Electric Edition

April 24, 2012 Energy and Change
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Electricity isn’t just that thing that makes your computer and lights work. It’s all around and inside us as well. Where did the word ‘electric’ come from? How do lightning bolts work? Why do we need transformers? How does your body use electricity? How do the critters up the top use electricity? Answers here.

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Quiz – The Toy Edition

April 10, 2012 Babies
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Getting back to the roots of this blog, looking at the things little ones love. What is the best sort of mobile for newborns? How do spinning tops work? Ancient toys have been found in India and Rome, what types of toys are they? Have you ever successfully got one of those cars on race […]

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Quiz – The Easter Edition

April 3, 2012 Lists
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What do you know about Easter? Easter is the first Sunday after the first (ecclesiastical) full moon after the March equinox. What causes a full moon? Why do people make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? Why eggs and rabbits? Where does the name Easter come from? And who’s the cutie up the top? Photo by Stephen […]

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Quiz – The Movie Edition

March 20, 2012 Earth and Beyond
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Some of these are old, because I haven’t watched a new movie in about 6 years. Having kids in a remote town will do that to you. And you may just find some other reasons I don’t do well with movies. If the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in less that 12 parsecs, what […]

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Quiz – The Dinosaur Edition

March 13, 2012 Earth and Beyond
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After teasing you yesterday with mentions of dinosaurs I thought I’d better do something on them. But what interesting questions to write? Not the usual lists of names! What were the continents like when dinosaurs first developed? What did early dinosaurs eat? The two main types of dinosaurs are grouped according to their hip shape. […]

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