Changing Shapes

by Deb on May 12, 2011

Dough shapes

Some things are fixed, but there are lots of things little kids can do to change shapes as well.

  1. Squeeze – playdough, water balloons, cornflour goo, sponges full of water ( or a fun painting project!) squeeze
  2. Fold – paper for aeroplanes or origami, material for beds and clothes
  3. Cut or tear – paper, ribbon, playdough with nice cutters, hole punches, biscuit dough butterfly cake
  4. Stretch – elastic, balloons, clothes, chewing gum, blutac
  5. Twist – ribbons and ties, coloured doughs, doll/robot arms and legs, plaiting hair
  6. Bend – spoons, people, branches, dough, pipecleaners
  7. Squash – balls, balloons, dough, soft toys, sponges, pom poms,
  8. Fill – balloons, hot water bottles, bags, using air, water, rice, sand sand balloon
  9. Wrap – babies, presents, caterpillar cocoons, dragon eggs, food, treasures using paper, material, quilts, plastic
  10. Scrunch – paper, ribbon, plastic, rubbish
  11. Tie – hair, shoelaces, belts, bag straps, buckles, streamers
  12. Glue – wood, paper, beads, glitter, cork, macaroni, rice, material hot glue
  13. Thread – beads, shoelaces, twigs, leaves, grass, flowers,
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Susan, the Book Chook May 15, 2011 at 7:33 am

Love the fact there is so much sensory fun here – and so many opportunities to develop new vocabulary and play with language too.
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