Floating and Sinking

by Deb on March 4, 2011

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Tubs of water are a big hit around here, both to sit in and play with.  This week’s activity involved searching through one of the toy tubs for things to drop into the water tub.  Some things we learned:

  • All metal sinks, even if it’s really tiny filings.
  • Some plastic floats and some sinks.

    Floating and sinking

    Plastics floating and sinking.

  • Glass sinks.
  • Under no circumstances can you drop the camera in.
  • Flat things take a while to go down and often ‘swim’ around the tub.  Particularly effective with a large toy stingray.
  • Hollow things will float, at least until you pile so much into them a corner goes under, then they fill up and sink.


    Hollow car floating.

  • You can get great splashes by dropping things from higher.
  • I’m serious about the camera.
  • You can pour water into the hollow containers to make them sink.

    Plastic tub

    How many things can we get in before it sinks?

This doesn’t even include all the other fascinating things you can drop into water – flannels and other material, natural things like sticks, dirt, leaves and rocks, paper and cardboard. But not the camera.

Or the pouring games with tea sets and containers of different sizes and different necks or using funnels and scoops. And let’s not even mention adding colour or detergent.

For a great change of pace and something that can be revisited again and again by all ages, it’s hard to go past a tub of water.

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Rashi March 11, 2011 at 2:10 pm

Deb, awesome ways to teach kids what floats and what sinks!
Check out my recent post @ http://blog.memetales.com/2011/03/paper-necklace-kids-craft/


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