Investigating Insects

by Deb on October 20, 2011


I‘m sure we’ve all kept insects at some stage – either making little temporary barriers out of twigs or putting them in a box or bug catcher. When you get a bit more advanced you can collect and pin them, we weren’t that adventurous as kids and just did the standard pin through the middle of the body.

But if you get big arthropods you can do interesting things with them.two spiders

We used thick card under white paper so we could see and pin them easily.

straight legs

Rather than pinning through the spiders we used the pins to pull against and keep them still. First I straightened out all the legs,

moving legs

then bent them up and arranged them.


Although credit for the idea and showing me how has to go to my husband. The fresher spider worked better, but even an old one worked. Don’t ask why we had an old spider sitting around the house 😉

The girls watched this one but they didn’t have the co-ordination to do it themselves. They’ve tried with more smashed insects we weren’t trying to get photos of!

Unfortunately the disadvantage of showing your kids all the fascinating things around them and helping them understand that life is a cycle and not something to get upset about, is that you get to carry things like dead wasps and frogs around.

dried frog

This one comes from the little girl – look Mummy! you can see its bones!

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Catherine October 20, 2011 at 6:00 pm

The frogs is such an NT thing. I never saw a dead frog until I moved up here!
I am not brave enough to let my kids pin things or keep dead insects – we always seem to get ants.
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Leo October 21, 2011 at 1:55 am

WOW! What an interesting way to trap them! The image of the dead frog is little upsetting but life is a cycle. I hope I could trap ants in some way. With summer here, I can see them everywhere in my house.
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