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by Deb on November 29, 2010

Seeing it is that time of the year I think it’s a good time to officially mention my other lovely sponsors and tell you what else I do with my time.

Row of Ducks

Row of DucksRow of Ducks has beautiful children’s toys of wood and cotton.  We have a couple of jigsaw puzzle type toys from there, a magnetic fishing game that is also a jigsaw and a lovely teddy bear you can change the clothes and facial expressions, perfect as a prop for imaginative story telling.  They also have lots of wooden fruits and vegetables, construction, musical instruments and soft toys as well as great toys under $10 for stocking stuffers.  While writing this I happened to notice they are having a sale with 10% off everything online, but only until the 30th of November so you’d better get in quick.

Mm is for Me

Mm is for MeMm is for Me sells clothes, wall decals, quilts and cushions all based around lettering and the matching pictures.  For Christmas we are getting M is for Music and J is for Jellyfish t-shirts, as well as names for their new bedroom and a set of letters for the playroom wall.  They come in lovely bright colours with simple but bold shapes kids can identify and match to their own initials.  I loved how personalised they are –  we could choose multiple colours and different pictures so we have a set I know the girls like, rather than being stuck with what comes in the packet.  You have another week to make the Christmas mailing deadline if you live in Australia, and they have free gifts if you order over different amounts.

Planning With Kids

Planning With KidsIn some ways the Planning Queen is the blogger I would like to be!  Even though I read her blog regularly I still have no idea how she manages it all, but she has ideas, recipes, books and suggestions to help anyone reduce the chaos in their lives.  She is currently focusing on Christmas preparation and has had great ideas on decorations, presents and food kids can help with.  In addition she has been supporting the Melbourne Food Co-op with her kids.  She is now writing a book offline which will be a wonderful tool when it comes out.

There are two other places I write as well as Science@home:

She Thought

She ThoughtThis is a wonderful group blog that allows me somewhere for my philosophical musings and rants.  The subtitle is “Women.
Thinking Critically” even though there are a few men on board, it began as a space for women to explore issues affecting them personally.  The latest posts are reactions to an incredibly bad piece claiming that maybe we would be happier if we weren’t so hung up on consent in our relationships!  We also had a theme loosely based on Thanksgiving, and have had posts ranging from ouija boards to parenting to vaccines to popular culture and advertising.  There are posts most days and it’s well worth following for interesting things to think about.

We <3 Life

We <3 LifeAnother women’s group blog, but this is a happy space on the internet.  Every one has difficulties, bad days and even times when they hit rock bottom.  The purpose of We Heart Life is to remind us that even at these times there is still a lot of good and a lot of fun out there and even things we can do to help.  I have two hats as the Parenting and Finance writer, so I get to ramble a bit more about the big girl and little girl, some of the things we are doing and the joy of parenting.  I also get to share the absolute passion my husband and I have for financial literacy, personal finances and investing – how else do you think I get to stay at home with my girls and write blogs?  I’m only one part of the team, there is a bit of something for everyone with fashion, beauty, health, events and craft as well as reviews.

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Ash November 29, 2010 at 6:48 pm

Thank-you so much for your lovely words! Your order is almost ready. Just waiting for a few wall stickers for your custom pack. It’ll go out before the end of the week by express. Thank-you again! I love being part of Science at Home!


Deb November 30, 2010 at 1:38 pm

Excellent – we still haven’t moved in to the new house yet but are getting very excited.


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