Quiz – The Movie Edition

by Deb on March 20, 2012


Some of these are old, because I haven’t watched a new movie in about 6 years. Having kids in a remote town will do that to you. And you may just find some other reasons I don’t do well with movies.

  1. If the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in less that 12 parsecs, what does that mean?
  2. Jurassic Park – not the velociraptor this week. What’s with the frogs? How realistic is the whole DNA thing?
  3. Just about everything in Independence Day could be here so I’ll pick a small one – should the footprints have disappeared from the moon in the opening sequence?
  4. Ice Age 2 – Were there catastrophic floods and cryogenically preserved animals?
  5. Anything to do with children’s movies and animals. Discuss.

Sorry for the generic picture, I’m staying well away from anything that might be copyright.

Answers on Friday!

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