Brief Break and Update

June 28, 2012 Uncategorized
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Just to let you all know that I haven’t disappeared completely and give you the full story. There are lots of changes happening here at the moment, all good but currently disruptive. I have a new job, thanks in large part to this blog because it is in primary school science. I can’t say how […]

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Spotted Hyaenas have it tough

June 22, 2012 General science
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Really tough. And that’s not even considering the bad press they have as cowards and cheats. Part of the problem is that their back legs are shorter than their front legs so it looks like they are crouching and cowering even when they’re standing up. They are most closely related to meerkats but they look […]

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Ice Lanterns

June 21, 2012 Activities
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For the southern hemisphere today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Most of the winter solstice traditions come from the northern hemisphere where it is very dark and snowy, so they often involve candles and bonfires to make light. I wanted to use candles, but I also wanted some way to […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Jelly Stained Glass Stickers

June 20, 2012 Materials
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A while ago we made stained glass stickers using jelly. We gave them several days to dry, then they came up beautifully and we put them on several windows. You can see here how the jelly is crystalising as it dries further, this is bleaching the colours so they won’t last forever. While they last […]

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Tossing Pegs

June 14, 2012 Activities
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It sounds wrong, but balls are not really the best things to throw. Not unless you want them to bounce, and then they are awesome. But if you are tired of chasing things that hit an angle and head off in a different random direction just as you are about to grab them, balls are […]

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Wordless Wednesday – 7 Super Shots

June 13, 2012 Earth and Beyond

A couple of weeks ago Penny from Wildlife Fun 4 Kids tagged me in 7 Super Shots. I’m not much of a meme girl, but I do like using photos and they’re different prompts to my normal. Plus it was fun going through my thousands of photos, the difficulty was in whittling it down to […]

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Quiz – The Plastic Edition

June 12, 2012 Lists
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I know it has its down sides, but plastic isn’t necessarily evil. It is infinitely moldable and comes in all sorts of types, and in the end materials have to come from somewhere – chopping down trees or mining metals aren’t wonderful either. So what do you know about plastics and how bad are they? […]

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Inventing the Wheel

June 11, 2012 Energy and Change
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As part of my series on changes in everyday things my husband suggested tyres, which started me looking at iron rims, rubber and pneumatic tyres. And as a title, the obvious has to be that well-known phrase ‘Re-inventing the wheel.’ Except I hate that phrase so much that I got side tracked, and instead this post […]

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Venus Answers

June 10, 2012 Earth and Beyond
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And to round off the Venus saturated week, a bit of information on the actual planet rather than just how to watch it. Have a look at the questions if you missed them. 1.     The morning and evening stars were known to a lot of ancient cultures as they are fairly obvious – the […]

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Venus Transit – recovering from yesterday.

June 7, 2012 Earth and Beyond
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Yesterday I live tweeted/instagrammed/blogged/Facebooked the transit of Venus. All that running up and down stairs, stopping the telescope and screen from falling over, searching for the sun, swearing at Telstra as my mobile internet goes out again, and trying to take photos while balancing everything in the wind was exhausting. Thank whatever deity for fast shutter […]

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