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by Deb on August 2, 2012


I have light blue eyes, as do my siblings and father. So it’s very obvious looking at us that there is a black spot in the middle. But I had a fun experience one time when I was teaching a class of 13 year olds in an Aboriginal community – they didn’t realise they had pupils. Everyone around them had eyes so dark brown that they hadn’t registered the black spot.

I’m sure there had been other light eyed people, but no-one had ever pointed it out and it had never really come up before. So I got to have an entire class filing past checking out my eyes so they could see for themselves.

So one day I had fun with the girls checking out the black spots in their eyes in the mirror.

Eyes in the mirror

As well as checking we had pupils in the middle, we made them bigger and smaller by looking at the light or squeezing our eyes shut then looking quickly while it was changing. You can easily see them get bigger by covering up one eye and looking at the other.

And after the black spots, there are lots of other things to look at –

What colour are your irises? My family have yellow rings around the pupil inside the blue. The big girl has beautiful dark brown eyes, while the little girl has light brown and green eyes like her Daddy.

Do you have any rings, lines or dots? I have some dark flecks as well as the yellow, it’s a bit hard to tell with the big girl. The little girl’s eyes seem to change depending on the angle you are looking at. I can easily see the fibres going out from my pupil, the muscles that make it bigger or smaller to control the amount of light.

What happens when you look around? Little girl went completely cross-eyed in the photo up the top 🙂

How about the rest of your eyes? We checked out the little red blood vessels, eye lashes, tear ducts and inside our eye lids. It was fun to have a really close look at something you don’t normally think about.

And that’s not even thinking about the rest of your face – how symmetrical is your nose?


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@stephenpincock August 2, 2012 at 9:17 am

ScienceMum I just love reading your stuff Deb.


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