Quiz – The Antarctic Edition

by Deb on September 9, 2011


Down to the mystery continent – how much do you know about it?

  1. How do penguins keep warm?
  2. What is the Antarctic vortex? (I don’t mean the deadly time vortex you will find with Google 🙂 I can’t actually read the links because my WOT won’t let me open them but it sounds fun!)
  3. How do ice cores help us learn about ancient climates?
  4. Are there advanced plants on Antarctica?
  5. And what’s the picture. There is a clue on it that might help you work it out.
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Tr8ce September 9, 2011 at 9:37 pm

Been stalking your site for a few months now, so figured I should have a crack at one of your quizzes finally!
1. By huddling together in a large group.
2. I’m guessing something ocean related …
3. By examining the thickness of each year’s layer of snow and what gasses and other things frozen in each layer.
4. I’m guessing yes, to survive that level of cold.
5. a topography map of a section of the antarctic.


Deb September 9, 2011 at 10:05 pm

Welcome Tr8ce, thanks for joining in 🙂

1. Yes that’s how the Emperor penguins survive the winter.
2. Did you check the time vortex for a giggle?
3. There are seasonal layers like tree rings, and the gases are particularly important. There’s even been ash found from volcanic eruptions half the world away.
4. There are 2 flowering plants in Antarctica, a grass and something from the carnation family. That always amazes me, I think of carnations as delicate.
5. Yes it is topographical, and it could be something amazing.

You did well.


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