Sand Jars

by Deb on October 13, 2011

Decorative Jars

We have all sorts of rocks and dirt around my house. I know this partly from what ends up in my bag or pockets on walks, partly from what I pour out of shoes, and partly from what I scrub off the bath. They’re a decidedly recurring fact of life, so I decided to do something with them.

Not quite as pretty as jars with coloured sand and the girls flatly rejected my suggestion of tilting them to get layers at different angles. They wanted them nice and flat thank you very much. But simple and fun, with lots of little jobs different people could handle.

First we collected some rocks and sand to use.


River sand, rocks, fine dust and old potting mix.

Flotation is the easiest way to clean up the rocks, with the girls pointing out that all the leaves and grass float and the rocks sink.


Little girl scooped them out (after adding some red food colouring to the mix),


while the big girl sifted the rocks and lumps out of the fine dust.


Then they chose which order to pour the layers into their jars.

pouring sand

river sand


Big girl's jar

Not quite the way I imagined them, but the girls are very proud of them and have displayed them inside. Definitely worth it for an activity that can be split to give kids their own jobs and be made simple for little ones. See what rocks and sand you have around your house.

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