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by Deb on July 30, 2011

The answers to Friday’s quiz.

1. The Milankovitch cycles are a series of regular changes in the way the earth revolves and orbits the sun that have a measurable impact on climate. This is because they change the amount of sun the earth receives and where it is most direct.

2. Titanium dioxide is used in most paints as a bright white pigment.

3. The only domesticated insect is the silkworm. It is actually a moth, the caterpillars spin their cocoons out of silk threads. They were domesticated in China thousands of years ago.

4. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The original lasers were actually masers using microwaves, but visible light and microwaves are part of the same spectrum. Lasers produce beams that stay straight, rather than spreading out to form a cone. This makes them very good at projecting energy over a distance.

5. The photo is from an electron microscope and shows part of a fruit fly’s compound eye. Each of those bubbles is a tiny lens, the fly’s brain puts them together like pixels to create an image.

I hope you enjoyed the quiz, play along next week!

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