by Deb on November 24, 2011

Sparkle Suncatchers

Little girl loves gluing at the moment. She doesn’t care if it’s a stick or brush, the sheer pleasure of spreading glue around is enough. It’s even more important than actually sticking anything to the glue, which is driving the control freak in me mad. In a bid to make it a bit different I’ve been introducing different things to glue and glue on. She christened today’s (yesterday’s?) effort Sparkles.

First we collected as many things as we could that were glittery, shiny or sparkly. We could have used alfoil and glitter as well, but I just didn’t feel like cleaning it all up.

Then we raided Dad’s office for the blank CDs, and off we went. We only worked on the back of the CD, the mirror fronts will sparkle all on their own.


One I made with lots of different things to give the little girl ideas.

permanent marker

She wanted a swirly one like mine. With an older kid I would try a pattern and highlight with jewels or sequins.


The typical toddler, I quite like the way they've gone on randomly. I think they will make pretty light patterns.


We even had some glittery stickers, which are a huge favourite with both girls.

I’m waiting to check that they are really well dried, I’ve had to add extra glue to the big girl’s butterfly a couple of times. Then we’ll string them up and hang them in front of windows, it’s a bit windy to put them outside at the moment.

There was a reason behind the sparkles, and not just because she’s a little girl and obsessed by them. The idea was to make some sun-catchers to glitter and brighten the place up, although this is the wrong season for that! Once the big girl joined in there were lots of questions about the rainbows in the CDs, hopefully we’ll get lots more on the walls and floor for them to admire.

A really simple activity that even toddlers can do, and bright moving decorations that babies can enjoy.

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Tricia November 24, 2011 at 11:57 am

Great idea! I added a few old CDs and DVDs to our crafting box last week. Now I know what we’ll do with them. I think these would make great Christmas tree decorations. Thanks for sharing.
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Mel C December 3, 2011 at 9:23 am

My little girls will adore this activity! We sometimes do the window art for their rooms, this will be even better! Thanks for the idea. So simple, yet so much pleasure!


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