Straw Rockets

by Deb on September 21, 2012

Remember these? I was inspired by Kate at Picklebums, but with our own twist. Because we’re not about the art, we’re about the science.

So we didn’t make pretty rockets, we compared all sorts of different materials to see which goes the furthest. On second thoughts, maybe we’re not scientists so much as insanely competitive.

And like all projects seem to it got a little out of hand – have you ever tried to glue tissues into a tube? Or even sticky tape them?

  • The original (and dare I say, best) tissue paper stacks up pretty well – it’s light but still seals the air in enough. Plus the genuine product doesn’t have heavy glue and tape on it.
  • Plastic wrap works well if you can get it to stick to itself and not to the straw. Although it tends to be lumpy and fly strangely, it also flutters down and is fun to catch.
  • Normal paper (a la Kate) is a nice compromise – sturdy and easy to work with but still flies well.
  • Thin plastic fruit bags are great, so long as you tape them carefully and they don’t just blow out rather than shooting off.

And this is only thinking about your basic, manipulable by a preschooler, rocket. If you have a look on Google you will find lots of fun variations, from these bottle-powered straw-inside-a-straw ones with interesting tails to this cute frog. But I think the most impressive set up is this, using balloons to power cars. Given that I think balloons are the ultimate children’s toy, this is going on our list.

Have fun 🙂

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