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Shadow puppets

October 5, 2012 Activities
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I‘ve had a soft spot for shadow puppets ever since the big girl was a baby and would get hysterical in the car at night. A little torch shining at her feet or the toys dangling over her and she would stop screaming and happily watch the dancing shadows. I was very disappointed to discover […]

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Frozen Candles

August 10, 2012 Activities
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A little while ago we made ice lanterns, remember? Something interesting happened with the tea lights, and led to many more happy burning sessions while the girls worked it out. This is one of the candles from the ice lantern, if you have a look you can see that the top still has a thick, […]

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Wordless Wednesday – More Weird Bathroom Light

August 8, 2012 Energy and Change

Obviously this is reflecting off something round, but we can’t work out what. I thought it was the metal corner strip, but we tried covering it up and the pattern was still there. In fact we seem to have tried covering pretty much everything reflective in the bathroom and we still get these starbursts all […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Light

March 21, 2012 Energy and Change
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A torch and a glass of water. The rays actually come from the LEDs of the torch. If you hold it just right, you get little rainbows. Or shine it straight down for glowing water. What pictures can you make?

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Colour Answers

December 2, 2011 Energy and Change
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1. We see because our eyes pick up light that has bounced off the things around us. It feels a little backwards, but the colour something appears is the colour it reflects rather than absorbs. A green book would absorb every colour except green and bounce the green back to us. Colour is determined by […]

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November 24, 2011 Activities
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Little girl loves gluing at the moment. She doesn’t care if it’s a stick or brush, the sheer pleasure of spreading glue around is enough. It’s even more important than actually sticking anything to the glue, which is driving the control freak in me mad. In a bid to make it a bit different I’ve […]

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Car Doors and Spoons – your own funhouse mirrors

July 24, 2009 Activities

A quick trick kids will love while waiting.

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Torch Chasey!

June 16, 2009 Activities

An easy indoor activity to do with mobile babies and toddlers, with lots of extensions.

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