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by Deb on September 14, 2012

Dried apple faces

I remember doing these as a kid and for some reason I thought they were very complicated, but they turned out to be really simple. Perhaps it’s just that my artistic standards have slipped, the girls were thrilled to have something that looked like a recognisable face rather than being disappointed it wasn’t a perfect doll. Much more fun this way.


  • Apples
  • Peeler
  • Large bowl with water, lemon juice and salt.
  • A blunt knife for carving, we used table knives.
  • Beads, wool, material and textas or paint for decoration.


  1. Peel the apples and soak them in the water, lemon juice and salt for at least 5 minutes, half an hour is better. This is to stop them going brown and mushy. We just soaked them as I was peeling the others and for as long as the girls could wait and they worked well. soak
  2. Cut a face out using wedges – cut down vertically and then cut in from the side until you meet the vertical cut and a wedge (that tastes horrible) comes off. The apples are so soft that we used ordinary butter knives so it’s safe. cut
  3. Or twist the knife to make eyes. twist
  4. Then put them on a rack so they can get air circulation or hang them while they dry for a few days. You can speed it up in the oven, but have it on extremely low, 50 degrees, and check that they aren’t cooking and getting soft. finished
  5. A few days later, dried

As you can see, all the holes get a lot bigger as the apple dries and shrinks back. Which makes them the right size that the girls could use beads to make them eyes and jewellery.

A surprisingly quick and fun way to learn about changes and drying, the girls love them and their little dolls live on their bed side tables.

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