Tossing Pegs

by Deb on June 14, 2012

Throwing things

It sounds wrong, but balls are not really the best things to throw. Not unless you want them to bounce, and then they are awesome. But if you are tired of chasing things that hit an angle and head off in a different random direction just as you are about to grab them, balls are not for you. In fact pretty much anything else you can name is better.

little girl

I think you can see where I’m going with this, when you combine the concepts of balls and little people without much co-ordination. They’re going everywhere, which is fun but can limit the game. So sometimes you need to look around and see what else you can throw for a change. Or sometimes you are away from home and your usual distractors and need something else in a hurry. It’s called tossing pegs, but in reality this is a simple game that goes:

Throw something over/into/onto/past something else.

Do we need to go over all things this will teach? We can start with hand/eye and general co-ordination, gravity, weight, reflection, energy, material properties, density. And then you could add in turn taking, problem solving, fairness, persistence, collaboration negotiation, dealing with disappointment, grace, and communication, depending on how many children you have and their relative abilities and interests.

big girl

And do we need to discuss the ways to extend this? Using different objects, different targets, making an ‘obstacle course’ of over and under, moving back, throwing techniques, or if you know any 6 year old girls I’m sure they will come up with the most baroque, arbitrary and ever changing rules. It’s a bit like Calvinball.

All you need to do is stand back, smile and take photos.

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