She Sells Sea Shells

by Deb on July 4, 2011

My little desert girls are loving going to the beach, the big girl was very excited to find her first shell. Something simple but different to what they are used to. Today she collected a lot of shells and we played with them afterwards.

First she sorted them into different types.

Then she noticed some of them have perfect round holes in them, so we looked up how some predatory snails bore through the shells and eat the creature inside.

Shells with hoes bored through them.

We compared the snail shells to land snails, the shells are much stronger to cope with the rough water and pressure.

We discussed the different shapes and how the flat shells burrowed into the sand.

She was fascinated by the coral and the idea that each tiny hole has a little jellyfish type animal living in it. So we curled on the floor and waved our arms around to catch food, then looked up some pictures of the coral polyps.

Have you been to the beach lately?

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Stephanie Laverie via Facebook July 4, 2011 at 9:39 am

Miss 5 brushes all the sand off and then paints them. First with a paintbrush (and invisible ink) and then real paint (when Mummy gets it out for her)


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