What Noise Will This Make?

by Deb on July 1, 2011

You can tell I’m away when I write about ways to entertain your kids at the dinner table. This week’s activity while waiting for dinner to arrive involved lots of tapping. Probably not one to try in a full restaurant, but at home or somewhere quiet it works beautifully.

I’m sure you’ve all seen glasses with different levels of water tapped on and they make a different sound. That’s just the beginning of all the things you can test. Try comparing:

    – Different containers, such as glasses, bottles and cans.
    – Different amounts of liquid.
    – Different strikers or the opposite ends – the tines of a fork sound quite different to the handle.
    – Different materials.
    – Ways of holding or balancing the containers, especially using plates or other glasses.
    – Holding the striker loosely or tightly.

It doesn’t have to be the fine china, babies play this enthusiastically whenever they have something to drum on.

Big girl noticed the different pitch of two cans but couldn’t work out
why. When she tried the same thing with two glasses she could see-through she worked it out easily. Then she went back to the cans, predicted which would have more in it and tested it by lifting them to see how heavy they were. That’s application, prediction and confirmation.

This one is all about vibrations. When you hit something you set up vibrations in the object and striker. The movements are transferred to your ears as sound. Both the speed and size of the vibrations affect what it sounds like, giving little kids lots of combinations to play with.

Enjoy the next time you need a quick entertainment at the table.

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