Consulting and Advertising


  • I have been published in The Best Australian Science Writing 2011 alongside well-known writers such as Dr Karl and Tim Flannery.
  • I do freelance writing for CSIRO Education in
    • Science by Email
    • Teacher’s guides for both Double Helix and Scientriffic
    • Work books and packages for school programs.
  • I have two other blogs as well, a dedicated education blog at Educating Deborah and a more personal one at Big Blue Eggs.
  • I have worked as a consultant with teachers on team teaching, planning and integrating science and literacy.


I am available to write or consult on science for kids and science education.  I have a Master of Education and am experienced in whole curriculum development, creating activities for children to work scientifically, and writing about science for children, teenagers and parents.  I have the new Australian national curriculum in my favourites and use it at least once a week 😉  Contact me to work out your needs.


Sorry, I’ve removed all advertising from Science@home. Basically I’m not very good at handling it and this blog is about what I enjoy and can do. If you have something you’re dying for me to do with you, contact me, but I don’t bother replying to generic emails about fashion shoots or fitness programs.

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