Cubby Camping

by Deb on November 13, 2009

We’ve all done it – pulled out the chairs, thrown a sheet over the table and made a cubby.  In fact if you haven’t done it, why not?  It’s great fun!  But what does it have to do with science?  Part of Working Scientifically is not just doing science, it’s about when we should do science and how it will affect us.  So pretending to camp is a way even little ones can think about the impact science has on them.

Snuggle down in your nest and ask, if we were going to sleep in the cubby all night, what would we need?


  • Can you take your fridge?  How will you keep it cold?
  • How will you cook it?
  • What sort of plates and cutlery will you use?
  • Where did the food come from?


  • How will we keep ourselves warm/cool?
  • What about if it rains?


  • How will we see when it gets dark?
  • What about if we need to go to the toilet?
  • Where are we going to sleep?

If you have little ones, you might want to just talk about it.  But if you have time, pretending is great!  We’ve had many a picnic under the table with a torch and little nest of pillows.  We even make pretend fires and roast pretend marshmallows and sing songs and tell stories.  Our girls aren’t quite ready for camping in the back yard, the big girl started once with Daddy but after about half an hour announced she was ready to go in.  But it’s something we’re going to start very soon 😀  Actually, I think they might cope with the lack of technology much better than Mummy and Daddy!

What is some science around you you would findit hard to do without?

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Annie November 17, 2009 at 5:58 am

My kids often set up their play tent outside in the carport, with pillows, sleeping bags etc and are adamant that they are going to sleep there that night. We’ve talked about whether it will be comfortable/too cold etc and they always come up with great ideas for how to get around those problems – but when it comes to bedtime they always end up (thankfully) deciding just to go to bed inside – occasionally they’ll drag the sleeping bags in and sleep in them, inside, but usually its just bed as normal. I do enjoy the discussions though and try to use them as in investigative process rather than assuming they really do intend to sleep out in the cold and overruling them which would spoil all the fun!


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