Shops these days seem to have three types of t-shirts:  Covered in commercials, dainty princesses (or worse) or ‘Mummy’s Little Monster.’  None of them are a look I’m happy with for my girls.  And I’m a science geek. So I made me some science geeky shirts, and you can have them too through my RedBubble store.

fizzics and little girls

How it works

I don’t actually make the shirts, I have designed them and they are printed by RedBubble, a UK company. This means they’re available anywhere in the world.  They are 100% cotton shirts by American Apparel, I’m very happy with the quality and printing of the ones we have.  It is a lighter material than most Australian t-shirts, but it’s comparable to some we got in the UK so it’s probably their standard.

You go to my profile to check them all out, then:

  • Choose a design you like.  The way they look in the thumbnail is just a suggestion, you can change the shirt colour when you order.  Click on ‘Buy or Preview’ to see all your different options.
  • Choose the type – they are available for adults, kids, babies and as stickers.  Within each category there are different types of clothing like t-shirts or onesies, long or short sleeves etc.
  • Choose the shirt colour.  Some of the designs are available in light or dark versions so play around.
  • Put your order in, Red Bubble prints them and notifies you when they are on their way.  Delivery takes around 10-15 days, that was accurate for me which is pretty good given I live in the middle of nowhere.
  • Disclosure: I own the designs, most of the money you pay goes to Red Bubble for the printing and shirts but I get a percentage of every design sold. Win/win – you get a good quality, customised shirt and support Science@home 😀

Now off you go!

botanista and girl

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Kellie Judd March 1, 2011 at 5:29 am

I would love the oxygen, carbon, hydrogen one for my daughter. But I have a son who is obsessed with insects, and a nephew too. So something like Jnr entomologist would be cool.


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