These are websites I find useful


CSIRO – Australia’s national research organisationmy review

Online games and programmes

Fisher Price online learning games, my review

ABC Kids, my review

Kiddies Games, my review

Poisson Rouge (Red Fish Soup)

Life and Living

AQWA – The Aquarium of WA, my review

Growing Kids, my review

Earth and Beyond

NASA Kids’ Club, my review

Science or Skeptical Information for Adults

New Scientist – the contents of the magazine plus more.  This is possibly the best general science magazine for lay people in the world.  Subscribers also have access to the complete archives.

She Thought – Women.  Thinking Critically.  A skeptical blog with mainly female contributors (including me!).  All types of questions about our society and thinking rationally.

Science-Based Medicine – a group blog by doctors from many different fields.  There are a lot of posts on vaccines, quackery and woo, but also discussions of new research findings.

Respectful Insolence also known as ‘Orac Knows,’ by one of the same authors as Science-Based Medicine.  Not for the faint hearted he can be blistering against quacks, but very up to date and excellent explanations of how science and medicine work.

Science Blogs – there are far too many here to discuss individually, across all sorts of areas.

Young Australian Skeptics – a sanctuary for young free thinkers.

Australian Skeptics – Investigating pseudoscience and the paranormal from a responsible scientific viewpoint.

The Skeptic’s Book of Pooh Pooh – A skeptical blog by Maggie (a pseudonym) a Sydney cell biologist, winner of the Shorty Award for Health (on Twitter).

PodBlack Cat – Another skeptical blog, but this time by a woman.  There are women in all the group blogs, but male skeptics and scientists do tend to be more vocal.

Homologous Legs – the blog of Naon Tiotami (aka. Jack Scanlan), an Australian undergraduate biology student who has a serious problem with creationists and intelligent-design proponents.

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