If you’re here then you managed to find me through Twitter or Facebook or found the sign saying ‘Start Here!’ Hopefully this means you want to know a bit more about Science@home, and here is your roadmap.

I write Science@home for two reasons:

  • to convince you that science is really fun and you should do it with your kids.
  • to convince you that you don’t need to do anything special because science is all around you anyway.

To accomplish this I have four regular types of posts:

Monday – general articles with quirky and interesting facts or the deep philosophical ‘why are we heres.’ Some of my favourites are the Kid Questions, like ‘Why are Daddies Bigger Than Mummies?’ or ‘Where do Starfish Come From?’

Tuesday – a quick quiz with just 5 questions. The idea is to look at very general topics such as Deserts or Babies in an integrated way.

Wednesday – photos, often it’s an activity we’ve done but without all the words. You need to check out my little one playing in the rain or the fun we had with sorting.

Thursday – The good stuff – ACTIVITIES! There are so many here, but homemade butter is a favourite, so is volcanoes and beautiful bottles is a good one for babies.

Friday – the answers to the quizzes you’re hanging out for.

There is also a large archive of Lists, sometimes they are facts, sometimes they are ideas for games. Lists about animals, especially extinct ones, are very popular as are suggestions like Things to Do When it’s Raining. I’m taking a break from them, after pulling them together into a book that has 277 Things to do With Kids it was time for something else.

There are extra posts that sneak in here and there as well, but that’s the usual setup.

To get all the posts

I have an RSS which you can choose through a reader or email. There is also a weekly email newsletter, and I am on Facebook and Twitter.

Other Work

I also do freelance writing and consultation about education and science, just contact me.

Finding your way around

I have tried to be as nice as possible and make it easy to find things. Across the top you will notice several buttons, and if you hover over some of them you get drop down menus.

  • Home – when you are lost click your mouse 3 times … Actually don’t, it will just reload the same thing. It takes you to the familiar, blog-like chronological list of posts. If you’re bored with this page, that would be the one to click.
  • Science@home – Interesting general links within the site, some of the basics on science, babies and science, resources you might find useful.
  • Links – Fairly self-explanatory if you’re on the internet, interesting blogs and sites. If you think you should be here, let me know.
  • Contact – Where to send the suggestions, compliments and if you really must the complaints.
  • Money! – All those sordid things connected with actually making a living – advertising, reviews and consultation or freelance writing.
  • T-shirts – I have a RedBubble store with geeky children’s t-shirts, mainly because I don’t like what’s available in most shops. I get a small percentage of each one sold, it’s a bit like buying me a coffee but you get a cute shirt as well.
  • Posts – Finally the meaty stuff, this is where it is all organised for you.  Activities? Right there. Something for your baby? Go to Age, then right to Babies and there they all are. Area means the science areas, of more interest to teachers or homeschoolers than other parents (Hi!).

Have a look around and enjoy!

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Sylvia@MaMammalia May 26, 2011 at 6:03 am

Hi, Deb. I just found your blog through your blog carnival and I’m so happy I did! I’m a biologist turned SAHM of a young toddler and I’m looking for ways to share my love of science with him. It looks like you have tons of great stuff here!


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